Nora Beaded Earrings

Nora Beaded Earrings

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These graphic, one-of-a-kind earrings are beautifully handcrafted, bead by bead. I work with each design for 1.5 hours to be sure that they are perfect in every way. The finished earrings are lightweight, beaded works of art for your ears! In a world where most things are mass produced, I take a lot of pride in creating things by hand in a sustainable way.

I used titanium posts because titanium is considered to be the most hypoallergenic metal. As someone with metal sensitivities, I know how important this often-overlooked aspect is when making earrings. I only create jewelry that I can and would wear myself.

I exclusively use Toho and Miyuki seed beads in my designs. These seed beads are precision manufactured in Japan and are renowned for their consistency in color and size. Their high quality makes them ideal for bead weaving and provides perfect and beautiful results every time. I carefully selected beads to ensure that they were hypoallergenic because some seed beads can be coated in nickel. I also took into consideration the durability of the beads that I selected, and I did my absolute best to only select beads that would withstand constant wear. However, most seed bead finishes will not stand up to organic solvents such as perfume and eau de toilette. So just make sure avoid directly spritzing your jewelry, and you will be able to enjoy these for years to come!

I use Fireline to hand weave the beads together. Fireline is a thermally-bonded, polyethylene thread that was developed to be fray and stretch resistant, waterproof, and able to withstand consistent wear. These beaded paintings for your ears are meant to be worn and enjoyed for a lifetime!

As you can probably tell by now, I am very focused on creating beautiful and thoughtfully-designed, heirloom-quality jewelry that does not sacrifice future generations. 

  • laser-cut MDF sealed with shellac
  • 24 karat rose-gold-lined frosted glass seed beads
  • titanium ear posts so that even people with the most sensitive ears can enjoy them
  • 2" x 1.24" and  super lightweight