jewelry care

    • Please keep your jewelry in a safe, clean, soft, dry storage area. The microfiber storage pouch included with your purchase is perfect for storage at home or when you travel.
    • Please store your pieces flat, out of direct sunlight, and separately, to prevent tangling and scratching. 
    • High-quality beaded jewelry is durable, but it is not indestructible. Seed beads are made of glass and can break. Broken beads can be replaced and jewelry can be repaired. I am more than happy to make repairs should the need arise.
    • Avoid wearing your jewelry while doing household chores, swimming, and bathing. Chlorine in the water can damage the finishes on some beads.
    • It's a good idea to put on your jewelry after you've finished applying beauty and hair products. I consider the durability of the beads I use when making your jewelry, and I do my best to select beads that will withstand constant wear; however, most seed bead finishes will not stand up to organic solvents.


    • beaded jewelry can be repaired
    • email if you ever need a piece of jewelry repaired or a replacement made
    • if repairs are needed, you will be responsible for shipping costs