Please keep your jewelry in a safe, clean, and dry storage area. The custom box included with your jewelry was designed to serve this purpose. It's a good idea to store your pieces flat, out of direct sunlight, and separately, to prevent tangling and scratching. 

High quality beaded jewelry is durable, but it is not indestructible. Try to avoid wearing your jewelry while doing household chores. I mean, if you have to dress up in order to make chores bearable, then by all means, get dressed up! I am not here to tell you how to live your life! Do your best not to wear your beaded jewelry while showering or swimming. Chlorine in the water can damage the finishes on some beads. It's a good idea to wait until after you've finished applying cosmetics, hair products, skin care, perfumes, potions, tonics, and tinctures to put on your beaded jewelry. I take into consideration the durability of the beads that I select, and I do my absolute best to only select beads that will withstand constant wear. However, most seed bead finishes will not stand up to organic solvents.

Seed beads are made of glass and can break. Life happens. Things break or get lost. Don't fret. I keep a small amount of spare beads for each one-of-a-kind creation so that I can repair an item if needed (you're responsible for cost of shipping). I can also remake an earring if one were to get lost, for half the cost of your pair of earrings. In the case of needing to remake an entire earring, it is possible that a certain bead color/finish can be discontinued. I will do my best to match the new earrings to the old one.